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 Engraved Aluminum Tag and Fiber Glass Tags



Engraved Aluminum Tags



Aluminum tags are available in 1”, 1.5”, and 2” round or square shapes. The engraving on aluminum tag can be filled with black, blue, red or white colors to make the letter stand out from the tag.

Specification for Aluminum


Alloy 5052 Aluminum


Aluminum is lightweight and offers moderate strength, as well as good corrosion resistance, formability, and machinability especially when compared to steel. Aluminum typically melts at a lower temperature than steel; its capacity for conducting heat and electricity is about two-thirds that of copper.


Alloy 5052 offers excellent corrosion resistance (especially against salt water), as well as good weld ability and formability. With a high magnesium content, it has the highest strength of all non-heat-treatable alloys. Ideal for marine and vehicle bodies and fan blades. Nonmagnetic.


Temperature range to maintain strength is -320º to +300ºF.

Hardness: 60 Brinell

Yield Strength: 26,000-28,000psi

H32 Temper

Corrosion Resistance (suitability for outdoor use and for high salt spray applications) is Excellent for Alloy 5052 Aluminum.


Forming and Working (it’s the extent to which a material won’t crack when bent without applying heat) is Good for Alloy 5052.


We also engrave on Alloy 1100, 2024, 3003, 4032, 5086, 6061,




Engraved Fiber Glass Tags



Fiberglass is available in 1”, 1.5”, and 2” round or square shapes. Holes and adhesive backing can be added for easy mounting and installation for both aluminum and fiberglass.


Specification for Fiber tag


A fiberglass cloth-based material laminated with epoxy resin, this non-brominated version of G-10 FR4 combines excellent electrical properties with high strength and low moisture absorption. Sometimes called epoxy grade industrial laminate, phenolic, and bakelite. All meet Mil-I-24768.


Color: Opaque Yellow

Temperature Range: -40º to +325ºF

Tensile strength: Excellent

Impact strength: Excellent

Excellent electrical insulator

Use indoor and outdoor

Machine with carbide tooling

Hardness: Rockwell M110


Thickness: 1/16” or 1/8”


Please Note: Brass wire and monel wire are available.





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