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Pipe Markers



Pipe markers are made of vinylite plastic with a clear laminated overlay to protect the printed matter. They offer high resistance to abrasion,water, oil gasoline, alcohol and most acids, and are vermin and fungus proof.

Color: Orange is our standard, they are available in a variety of different color.

Length: standard 8 length, unless otherwise specify.

Spec. for different Diameter Pipe Markers:

and 1 Pipe marker

Text Size:  standard 1/2, unless otherwise specify

Thickness: 0.020

1-1/4, 1/1/2, and 2 pipe marker

Text Size: standard or 1, unless otherwise specify

Thickness: 0.025

2 and up pipe markers

Text Size: Standard or 1, unless otherwise specify

Thickness: 0.025 or 0.030

Please Note: The text size change, according to number of text.




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